Financial & Administrative Management

This is an ongoing, day-to-day service.

We receive and respond to all your mail, answer and follow-up all phone calls to your office, pay all your bills, deal with all your vendors, balance all your bank accounts, file all your business taxes, keep your credit in good order (paying the lowest, possible interest rates) and comply, on time, with any and all matters requiring compliance.

There’s more.

Your mail – and phone calls – contain opportunities. Main Street Management has the knowledge, responsibility, capability, patience and time to properly assess and exploit those on behalf of your business. We also have a good deal of experience at getting and evaluating estimates for supplies and equipment. And making the right purchases.

We should have.

With 40+ clients, we stay in constant contact with vendors who sell everything from tissues to insurance to ingenious, coffee machines. We know who has the highest quality, is the most reliable and offers the best pricing. Plus, once we get up and running with your business, we’ll also learn how to get the best deals on your business’s special supplies and equipment.

You will feel the benefits of these services immediately.

Your calendar – and your mind – will be free to run your business, make your sales, keep your customers and clients happy, and bring in more revenue.

Special Project Consulting & Management

All types and sizes of business regularly come to us all the time to handle a specific project. It could be to upgrade an inventory-control program so you know – exactly – what you have, where it is, where it’s going and what you need more of.

Or put in place a streamlined financial reporting system for basically the same reasons: you want to know, at a glance, how much money is in the business, where it is at any given moment, what’s owed to the business, owed by the business – and also what are your business’s trends in all those categories. Are the right numbers going up?

You might even want to start a trend – with a new product or service – and would like a marketing initiative developed and implemented.

In all cases, Main Street Management knows where and how to find the right vendor, negotiate the contract, close the deal, supervise the work, certify all work was done properly, make certain your people are trained when necessary and and pay the bill.

Mergers & Acquisitions (Plus Business Brokerage)

In addition to increasing sales, a business grows by merging with another business or acquiring one. Either comes under the heading of expansion.

And either, done well, can mean “one + one equals 11.” Which is to say when two businesses are “right for each other” the bottom line results are far more than the total of what the two businesses had been earning each on their own.

And by merging or acquiring “well” we mean diligently and intelligently looking for – and finding – the right “partner” or “purchasee”, carefully researching all the factors that affect the prospective “joining”, including the human factor, negotiating win-win terms with sensitivity and spirit, closing the deal, and then managing the interface with respectful consideration for every person and every function of the new arrangement.

Finally, and vitally, we understand how to publicize and market the “new” entity in ways that will make all current customers, prospective customers, vendors, officials, and other stakeholders happy and eager to continue their relationship. Or come aboard for the first time.

A special note: we are aware of the different types of mergers and acquisitions and the special attention to be paid to each according to the particular circumstances. As an example, if you are merging or acquiring a direct competitor, there is the question of duplication of staff and the proper merging of customer bases. If you are merging with or acquiring a company with a different set of capabilities – manufacturing to add to your retailing, real estate to enlarge your functioning, another set of dynamics are in play.

And, of course, we will remind you there is much excitement generated by mergers and acquisitions – an excitement that can distract the attention, time and energy of the principal people in your firm, draw them away from their first-priorities. In other words, let us prepare the way for you so that you will continually keep a keen eye and a firm hand on the old story: sales and revenues.

Buying & selling a business

In addition to Mergers & Acquisitions, MSM has developed a lively “marketplace” for buying and selling businesses. Or bringing investors into businesses that are ripe for expansion given new capital.

Our goal is “right seller, right buyer, right price.” Which means a mature business owners can step comfortably out of a long-run business into a new world, retirement, or other types of activity. Our “marketplace” is also a venue for a person or a family looking for an occupation or an additional source of revenue to make a “good buy.” Again, as always with MSM, diligence, intelligence and experience are our prime tools for such consulting and we look forward to serving buyers, sellers and investors in solid or potentially vibrant businesses.